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Estimating Service Cost

This topic describes how to quickly estimate the cost of deploying Megaport services before actually ordering services.

Entering details of the services into the Megaport Deal Estimator helps you and your customers plan the overall cost of Megaport services within a specified time period. Estimates provide a clear idea of the design, services needed, and cost breakdown by customer for planning.

Deal Estimator

Partners can use the Deal Estimator to:

  • Create deal solution estimates outside of VantageTransact for managed users.
  • Save a deal estimate.
  • View all saved deal estimates.
  • Edit saved deal estimates.
  • Download saved deal estimates.
  • Record that an estimate has been registered with a Deal ID.
  • Track estimate status: New, Saved, or Registered.


All pricing is estimated as the partner’s Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in US dollars (USD). Taxes are excluded.

Creating an estimate

Use your VantageTransact partner credentials to log in to the Deal Estimator.

Your partner login takes you to the Deal Estimator Saved Estimates page. Use the Saved Estimates page to view a list of your deal estimates and create, duplicate, save, and send estimates for registration.

The Saved Estimates page displays all saved deal estimates for a partner. The list includes estimates that have been sent for registration when the created date is less than six months old. Deal estimates are deleted after after six months.

By default, the page is sorted by the date the deal was created, in descending order. The most recent deal is listed first.

To create an estimate

  1. On the Saved Estimates page, click Create New Estimate.
    The New Estimate page appears. The Company Name field automatically populates with the partner name of the logged in user. The Created By field automatically populates with the first and last name of the logged in user.

  2. Enter a project name.
    The minimum project name length is from 1 to 50 alphanumeric characters. Special characters are allowed.

  3. Enter the managed company name.
    The minimum managed company name length is from 1 to 50 alphanumeric characters. Special characters are not allowed.
  4. Select a subscription term from the drop-down list: month to month, 12, 24, or 36 months.
  5. Select a service: Port, MCR, or MVE.
  6. Click Choose Location and select the service location.

  7. Enter the required fields (such as name and rate limit). Requirements vary by service.

  8. Add the service.
  9. Click +Connection to add a connection to the service. For connections, choose a destination type. The procedure varies slightly depending on the destination type.

    • Cloud – Select a provider and destination.
    • Private – Select a destination.
    • Internet Exchange – Select a location.
  10. Add the connection.

  11. Click Save Estimate.
    An Estimate ID is automatically populated with a system-generated UID and the estimate status is set to Saved.

  12. Click Close to view the Saved Estimates page.


An estimate for an MVE includes the cost of the transit VXC associated with the MVE. For details, see Introducing MVE.

Editing an estimate

It’s easy to change or duplicate a saved estimate. For example, you can add a Virtual Cross Connection (VXC) to a previously created service, or create an estimate based on an existing estimate.


Estimates that have been registered cannot be edited. They can be viewed and duplicated to create a new estimate, which can then be edited.

To edit an estimate

  1. On the Saved Estimates page, click the gear icon next to the estimate.
  2. Make the changes.
    The changes to the estimate are reflected in the pricing.

  3. Click Save Estimate.

  4. To return to the Saved Estimates page, click Close.

To create an estimate based on an existing estimate

  1. On the Saved Estimates page, click the gear icon next to the estimate.
  2. Click Duplicate.
  3. Enter a unique descriptive name to identify the estimate.
  4. Make any changes unique to this estimate.
    Duplicating an estimate doesn’t copy the Deal ID, the Submitted Date, or the Created By and Created Date. These fields are unique for each estimate. The Created By and Created Date automatically populate with the current logged in user and date.

  5. Click Save Estimate.

Sorting estimates

You can sort the Saved Estimates list by date, managed account name, managed account number, or project name.

To sort by column heading

  • Click the up/down triangles next to a column heading.
    The table columns reload, if necessary.
  • Click the heading again to reverse the order.
    The triangle color reflects the current bidirectional sort order.

Copying and registering an estimate

A saved estimate can be copied and pasted in VantageHub for use as a reference during the deal negotiation and registration process. You can also send the estimate to VantageHub for registration.


  • You must be logged in as a PartnerVantage partner.
  • The estimate must have a minimum total monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $1,000.00 USD.

To copy an estimate and send it for registration

  1. On the Saved Estimates page, click the gear icon next to the estimate.

  2. Click Save Deal ID in the upper-right corner.

    Send to Register


    The Save Deal ID button is not available to Partner account users that have been referred by a Distributor.

  3. Click Copy Summary to copy the estimate to the clipboard.

  4. Navigate to the VantageHub Deal Register form and paste the summary from the clipboard into the Description Field.

The estimate status is set to Registered in the Deal Estimator.

Once an estimate is registered in VantageHub and approved, Megaport provides you with a Deal ID.

To complete the estimate in the Deal Estimator

  1. Enter the Deal ID provided by Megaport in the Deal ID field.
  2. Click Save Deal ID & Close.

Deleting an estimate

Partners can generate multiple estimates before a deal is won and registered. You can delete estimates that are no longer useful.


Deal estimates are automatically deleted after six months.

To delete an estimate

  1. On the Saved Estimates page, click the trash icon next to the estimate.
  2. Click Yes.


You can only delete estimates with a Saved status. You cannot delete estimates that have been sent for registration.

Downloading an estimate

You can download a saved estimate in two formats: PDF and CSV. The PDF version is ideal to send to customers for visibility, as it includes the estimate details on the Megaport PartnerVantage letterhead and a legal disclaimer that the estimate is non-binding.

To download an estimate

  1. On the Saved Estimate page, click the gear icon next to the estimate.
  2. Click Save and Download.
  3. Choose Download CSV or Download PDF.

    • Download CSV – Downloads the estimate in the comma-separated values (CSV) format. You can use the CSV file to import the data into spreadsheets and databases. You can open the CSV file in any text editor.
    • Download PDF – Shows a preview of the formatted data. Click Print PDF to open the Print dialog box. You can then either save to PDF or print. When you are finished, click the browser back button to return to the previous page.

Last update: 2024-02-21
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