Monitoring Maintenance and Outage Events

This topic describes how to use the Maintenance & Outages page for partner accounts and managed users.

The Maintenance & Outages page allows you to monitor events that impact your services, including current, scheduled, and past events. By staying informed about maintenance activities and service outages, you can plan effectively around scheduled maintenance and provide faster responses during unplanned outages.

Event notifications for service maintenance and outages are sent via email and displayed on the Maintenance & Outages page. On the Maintenance & Outages page, you can quickly access these events and drill down to see the affected services. The maintenance and outage events data automatically refreshes every five minutes, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information.

For partner and managed accounts, access to the Maintenance & Outages page is available to both partners and managed accounts. If you, as a partner, want to monitor events for your managed accounts, switch from a partner account to a managed account and access the Maintenance & Outages page.

To monitor maintenance and outage events

  1. Access the Maintenance & Outages page in one of the following ways:

    • Log in as a partner or switch from a partner account to a managed account and click Maintenance & Outages.
    • On the Services page, click Extra Actions Kebab menu on the far right of the Services page with an option for downloading a service inventory (Extra Actions) > Maintenance & Outages.

      Alternatively, maintenance and outage events are displayed on the Services page for the duration of the ongoing event. Click View to access the event on the Maintenance & Outages page.

      Maintenance and outage events flag

  2. Select Maintenance or Outages to filter the events accordingly.

  3. Sort events:
    • Status – Sort events based on their status, such as Scheduled, Ongoing, Completed, and Cancelled for maintenance events, or Ongoing and Resolved for outages.
    • Start Date – Sort events by their start date in ascending or descending order.
  4. Filter events:
    • Search for any text or find a specific event related to a product by entering the product ID.
    • For maintenance, filter by:
      • Scheduled – Events that are planned but have not started yet.
      • Ongoing – Events that are in progress.
      • Completed – Events that were completed within the last seven days.
      • Cancelled – Events that were cancelled within the last seven days.
    • For outages, filter by:
      • Ongoing – Events that are in progress.
      • Resolved – Events that were resolved within the last seven days.

If no results are found that match your criteria, try adjusting the filter settings to broaden your search.

After you find the service event, you can drill down to see the affected services. Stay informed and prepared for any events that might impact your services, making network management more efficient and proactive.