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Megaport PartnerVantage Support Services

We’re here to help.

Megaport offers a wide variety of support resources designed to enhance the value of your Megaport services. These resources and tools provide several approaches to find solutions and solve problems.

Megaport Support team

Megaport’s global Support team is available around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) to help customers quickly and easily use, manage, and troubleshoot the Megaport products in their network.

Follow the sun model used by the Support team

Our follow-the-sun support model ensures that high-priority cases can be transferred seamlessly to provide continuous coverage when working to solve critical problems. By using a single unified case tracking system, Megaport Support engineers know they are working with the latest details and status of each case.

The Megaport Support team responsibilities are divided among Customer Support Specialists (CSS), Network Support Specialists (NSS), and Operations Engineering (OpsEng).

Support request flow

Customer Support Specialists

Customer Support Specialists are responsible for all customer-facing activity and communications such as: assisting with incidents, provisioning new services, sending maintenance notifications, and answering general inquiries.

Network Support Specialists

CSS escalates any customer issues that they are unable to resolve within their triage processes to the Network Support Specialists team. This team is responsible for monitoring the production network and managing any incidents that affect multiple customers. If required, the NSS team will escalate issues to resolution teams, including third-party backbone providers, data center operators, cloud service providers, or Megaport engineers.

Operations Engineers

NSS escalates any customer issues that they are unable to resolve within their triage processes to the Operations Engineering team.

The Operations Engineering team is responsible for the maintenance of the production network. Their area of responsibility is broad and ranges from network software and hardware upgrades to activation of new network components to support expansion. They are also the final escalation point for the Customer and Network Support Specialists.

Last update: 2024-05-24
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