Network Maintenance

Why does Megaport perform maintenance?

To ensure uptime and the ongoing stability of the Megaport network, Megaport occasionally performs routine scheduled maintenance. This maintenance might include physical moves, logical changes, or software upgrades.

In rare circumstances where a network fault occurs that impacts partner services, Megaport will perform emergency restorative maintenance.

Partner services affected by works performed by Cloud Service Providers

Megaport will provide notice for Cloud Service Provider maintenance only if the work impacts the Megaport redundant services. We recommend that all partners are subscribed to the Cloud Service Providers maintenance notices to receive all information related to your cloud services.

When will I be notified?

When planned maintenance work is required, Megaport will provide all partners with a minimum of 14 days notice as per our Global Services Agreement.

For emergency maintenance works, Megaport will strive to provide partners with as much notice as possible; however, the notice period can be limited depending on the severity of the network interruption.

It is the responsibility of a Megaport partner to notify its end customers of any scheduled network maintenance.

Works performed upstream from Megaport’s Network by Cloud and SD-WAN providers are sent by the provider directly to their end customers in accordance with the signed agreement between both parties. Megaport has no visibility of these works.

How will I be notified?

Megaport partners who have signed up for PartnerVantage accounts and have their notifications enabled will be notified of all Megaport maintenance works.

To learn how to assign new user roles and configure email notifications, see the following help topics:

If you have a partner-managed account, your partner will communicate with you regarding any maintenance events that affect your account.

What does a maintenance notice look like?

Megaport maintenance notices are similar to the example shown here. Details include the reason for the maintenance event, the services that will be impacted, and the length, date, and time of the event.

Network maintenance notification example