Configuring Email Notifications

Registered Megaport Partners and users can manage email notification subscriptions in the Megaport Portal. Email notifications are categorised into these groups:

  • Ordering
  • Company
  • Services
  • Financial
  • Service Status

You can choose to receive email notifications or opt out for each notification type, with some exceptions by account type.

Here are the email notification settings by account type:

Account Type Supported By Default Notification Settings Configurable? Notes
Direct Megaport Enabled for all categories except Service Status.
Partner Partner Enabled for all categories except Service Status. Partner accounts cannot disable managed account notifications.
Partner Megaport Enabled for all categories except Service Status for both partner and managed accounts. Partner accounts can receive partner-only notifications or partner and managed account notifications. Partner notifications are sent to Megaport.
Managed Megaport Disabled for all categories.
  • Managed account users are given access to Services, Ordering, and Service Status notifications for their own managed account and services.
  • Partner, Financial, and Company notifications do not appear.
  • Port and service re-terming notifications that a managed user is not subscribed to are sent to the partner.
Managed Partner Disabled for all categories. Notification settings are hidden. X


Megaport sends maintenance event notifications directly to managed accounts supported by Megaport. For partner-supported managed accounts, your partner will communicate with you regarding any maintenance events that affect your account. Megaport sends security and people notifications directly to anyone impacted.

Megaport sends Service email notifications once per hour.

To configure email notification preferences

  1. Log in to a partner account with Partner Admin privileges.

  2. Click your user name in the upper-right and choose Notification Settings.

  3. Click View Details.
    Megaport customizes the notification categories by account type.

    • Direct accounts see all notification settings.
    • Partner-supported managed accounts cannot access any notification settings.
    • Megaport-supportedĀ managed accounts have access to their own Services, Ordering, and Service Status notification settings.
    • Megaport-supported partners see partner notification options and can select Partner and Managed to also subscribe to their managed account notifications.
  4. Select the Show Detailed Notifications check box.
    The list of events that trigger notifications in that category appear.

  5. Select each notification category that you want to track then click Save.
    Configure Email Notification Categories

Default email notifications

Partner and managed account users receive the following People and Security email notifications by default. These categories are not configurable.

Category Event
People When an email is being validated.
When a user registers with a company.
When a user enables two-factor authentication.
When a user requests the secret for two-factor authentication.
Security When a person tries to log in but fails.
When a person registers.
When a user requests a password reset.

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