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Introducing VantageTransact

VantageTransact is the component of PartnerVantage used by Megaport partners (such as DCOs, channel partners, and MSPs) to sell services to third-parties. Partners can configure and manage a set of accounts, called managed accounts, and deploy and manage the services on those accounts. VantageTransact provides:

  • On-demand self-provisioning of Megaport services, such as Ports, on behalf of managed accounts.
  • Management of all appropriate user permission settings on the managed accounts.
  • Management of all customer services: Ports, Megaport Cloud Routers (MCRs), Megaport Virtual Edges (MVEs), and their Virtual Cross Connections (VXCs).
  • Data collection that is easily leveraged for business expansion opportunities.

Use VantageTransact to manage and track these account details on behalf of your end customers:

  • Customer names
  • Products
  • Subscription terms
  • Deals and Deal IDs

This documentation site provides details on using VantageTransact.


VantageTransact is part of the Megaport PartnerVantage program, a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that provide everything you need during the partner sales process.

PartnerVantage includes these resources:

PartnerVantage Component Function
VantageHub VantageHub Manage your entire Megaport business from a single pane of glass using a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform.
VantageTransact VantageTransact On-demand self provisioning and management of Megaport services using our one-stop partner transaction portal.
VantageFunds VantageFunds Earn and manage discounts, rebates, commissions, and marketing development funds.
VantageLearn VantageLearn Learn Megaport sales and technical skills with flexible, on-demand training modules.
VantageSelling VantageSelling Access dedicated sales support with assigned Partner Account Managers and Partner Solutions Architects to help you close business fast.
VantageMarketing VantageMarketing Create targeted marketing campaigns using co-branded toolkits, battlecards, and other marketing materials.

Last update: 2022-01-14
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