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Introducing VantageTransact

VantageTransact is the component of PartnerVantage used by Megaport partners (such as DCOs, channel partners, and MSPs) to sell services to third-parties. Partners can configure and manage a set of accounts, called managed accounts, and deploy and manage the services on those accounts. VantageTransact provides:

  • On-demand self-provisioning of Megaport services, such as Ports, on behalf of managed accounts.
  • Management of all appropriate user permission settings on the managed accounts.
  • Management of all customer services: Ports, Megaport Cloud Routers (MCRs), Megaport Virtual Edges (MVEs), and Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs).
  • Data collection that is easily leveraged for business expansion opportunities.

Use VantageTransact to manage and track these account details on behalf of your end customers:

  • Customer names
  • Products
  • Subscription terms
  • Deals and Deal IDs

This documentation site provides details on using VantageTransact.

Last update: 2024-03-28
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